Farhana Aleen

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Extracting performance from many-core architectures requires software engineers to create multi-threaded applications, which significantly complicates the already daunting task of software development. One solution to this problem is automatic compile-time parallelization, which can ease the burden on software developers in many situations. Clearly,(More)
Streaming applications are promising targets for effectively utilizing multicores because of their inherent amenability to pipelined parallelism. While existing methods of orchestrating streaming programs on multicores have mostly been static, real-world applications show ample variations in execution time that may cause the achieved speedup and throughput(More)
With widening vectors and the proliferation of advanced vector instructions in today's processors, vectorization plays an ever-increasing role in delivering application performance. Achieving the performance potential of this vector hardware has required significant support from the software level such as new explicit vector programming models and advanced(More)
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