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The biomedical ontologies contain the complex distributed heterogeneous data, to analyze and process this data is the big challenge for biomedical communities. The common goal of biomedical communities is to annotate this data. These problems generated a need to use the services of grid on semantic web. Semantic Grid is the integration of Grid with the(More)
Grid computing enables resource sharing and dynamic allocation of distributed heterogeneous computational resources while minimizing the associated ownership and operating cost. In grid computing there is no matter where data located is or which computer processes a task. Quality of Service parameters plays a key role in selecting Grid resources and(More)
²While Multiprocessor System-On-Chips (MPSoCs) are becoming widely adopted in embedded systems, communication architecture analysis for MPSoCs becomes ever more complex. There is a growing need for faster and accurate performance estimation techniques for on-chip bus. In this paper, we present a novel statistical based technique that makes use of(More)
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