Farhan F Malik

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The effects of culturing four human cell lines--Raji, MOLT-4, WI-L2, and K562--in the presence of 10-360 microM acetaldehyde for 3-18 days have been investigated. Concentrations of 45-360 microM caused a prolongation of the cell doubling time, and those of 90-360 microM caused an increase in the modal cell volume and in the protein content per cell. The(More)
Platelets produce a range of bronchoconstrictor mediators. Measurements of plasma factors have implicated platelet activation in allergic asthma, and sensitised guinea pigs challenged with ovalbumin show pulmonary platelet aggregation accompanying bronchoconstriction. To investigate this further we injected autologous platelets labelled with indium 111 and(More)
Atopic, obese asthmatics exhibit airway obstruction with variable degrees of eosinophilic airway inflammation. We previously reported that mice obese as a result of a genetic deficiency in either leptin (ob/ob mice) or the long isoform of the leptin receptor (db/db mice) exhibit enhanced airway obstruction in the presence of decreased numbers of(More)
Acute exposure to ozone (O3), an air pollutant, causes pulmonary inflammation, airway epithelial desquamation, and airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR). Pro-inflammatory cytokines-including IL-6 and ligands of chemokine (C-X-C motif) receptor 2 [keratinocyte chemoattractant (KC) and macrophage inflammatory protein (MIP)-2], TNF receptor 1 and 2 (TNF), and type(More)
The lipid composition of fat cells in the bone marrow of normal individuals and patients with aplastic anemia was investigated, using thin-layer and gas-liquid chromatography. The results were compared to those obtained from fat cells grown in vitro. Thin-layer chromatography (t.l.c) revealed that triacylglycerols were the major component of normal and(More)
The kinetics of homologous platelets, labelled in plasma with 111In-tropolonate, have been studied in five recipients with chronic marrow hypoplasia and severe thrombocytopenia, who were refractory to platelet transfusions as a result of alloimmunization. Mean platelet life span (MPLS), recovery, plasma 111In level and splenic and hepatic uptake kinetics(More)
The surgical correction of congenital cardiac lesions that are complicated by intercurrent respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) pneumonitis has traditionally been deferred for at least 6 to 8 weeks. The presumption is that using cardiopulmonary bypass will increase the risk of postoperative pulmonary complications. We present an infant who developed acute(More)
Mice exposed to high concentrations of ethanol vapour (25-38 mg/l of inhaled air) for 24 h develop leucopenia, neutropenia, lymphopenia, monocytopenia and thrombocytopenia but not anaemia or macrocytosis. Their bone marrows usually give normal deoxyuridine-suppressed values and contain normal numbers of granulocyte-macrophage progenitor cells and slightly(More)
The intrahepatic kinetics of 111indium-labelled platelets have been studied using dynamic gamma camera scintigraphy immediately following injection. Platelets labelled in saline with 111In-oxine or 111In-acetylacetonate underwent rapidly reversible hepatic sequestration, indicating that they were "activated". Platelets labelled in plasma with(More)