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BACKGROUND The use of traditional medicine at the primary health care level is widespread and plant-based treatments are being recommended for curing various diseases by traditional medical practitioners all over the world. The phytochemicals present in the fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants are getting attention day-by-day for their active role in the(More)
BACKGROUND Abelmoschus moschatus Medik. leaves and seeds are considered as valuable traditional medicine. The aromatic seeds of this plant are aphrodisiac, ophthalmic, cardio tonic, antispasmodic and used in the treatment of intestinal complaints and check queasiness. To give a scientific basis for traditional usage of this medicinal plant, the seed and(More)
Interventional radiological percutaneous procedures are becoming all the more important in the curative or palliative management of elderly frail patients with multiple underlying comorbidities. They may serve either as alternative primary minimally invasive therapies or adjuncts to traditional surgical treatments. The present report provides a concise(More)
This study discusses the concept of personalization and customization mechanism performed specifically for a cloud based vehicular platform. The proof-of-concept prototype allows the user to create a personalized environment on the Vehicular On-Board Unit (OBU) from hand-held devices of vehicular users. The paper discusses an extensive analysis on different(More)
—The massive or large scaled multiple input multiple output (MIMO) systems have gained huge consideration due to high achievable data rates and connection reliability for future wireless networks. Multiple signal paths due to multiple antennas positioned at transmitter or receiver are responsible for large throughput. The eventual objective of using array(More)
Declining fertility in developed countries along with rising number of immigrants and different fertility behavior exhibited by the immigrants make the immigrants' fertility an interesting topic in field of demography. However most of the studies on immigrants' fertility consider the female immigrants as their subject on the assumption that they represent(More)
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