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Image retrieval on the basis of similarity is an important task in many image database applications. Majority of the users' requests requires retrieving those images in the database that are spatially similar to the query image. In image databases, images are represented by symbolic images. Spatial relationships in a symbolic image are represented by 2D(More)
The massive or large scaled multiple input multiple output (MIMO) systems have gained huge consideration due to high achievable data rates and connection reliability for future wireless networks. Multiple signal paths due to multiple antennas positioned at transmitter or receiver are responsible for large throughput. The eventual objective of using array of(More)
Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET) are the largest real life application of ad-hoc networks where nodes are represented via fast moving vehicles. This paper introduces the future emerging technology, i.e., Vehicular Cloud Networking (VCN) where vehicles and adjacent infrastructure merge with traditional internet clouds to offer different applications ranging(More)
This study discusses the concept of personalization and customization mechanism performed specifically for a cloud based vehicular platform. The proof-of-concept prototype allows the user to create a personalized environment on the Vehicular On-Board Unit (OBU) from hand-held devices of vehicular users. The paper discusses an extensive analysis on different(More)
Existing patient monitoring devices usually record long-term activity as raw data from the patient to some type of storage. This requires offline analysis on a physician's desktop for the recorded period. Clearly, longer monitoring periods on the same storage are feasible, when doing analysis in real-time and storing only characteristic or critical results.(More)
In this paper on body investigation has been done on microstrip patch antenna using Velcro as a substrate at 2.4 GHz and different parameters (gain, directivity, efficiency) were watched. Alongside this the estimation of SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) has been measured averaged over the 10 g of tissue. Gain and directivity were extraordinarily influenced in(More)
In this paper, a modified digital signcryption model has been proposed keeping in view the requirements of firewall signcryption. Based on this model, the security and efficiency of existing signcryption schemes that are presented over the years have been analyzed. The analysis shows that these schemes lack certain security attributes and violate the basic(More)
We have demonstrated that monolayer films of randomly charged polystyrene sulfonated acid (PSSA) can be produced by the Langmuir technique, and observed the micro-domain structures, produced by the phase separation of electrostatically charged moieties and the hydrophobic moieties. Using atomic force microscopy and Langmuir isotherm, we found three specific(More)
Vehicular Networks (VANET) are the largest real life application of ad-hoc networks where nodes are represented via fast moving vehicles. As VANET is characterised with several unique features such as the high mobility, random distribution and short connection times, etc. establishing security becomes very challenging, and identifying security threats and(More)
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