Farhad Yahyaie

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Two distinct methods of applying generalized averaging techniques appear in the literature. The first method involves a direct mathematical mapping of all system equations and inputs into the frequency domain to produce harmonic coefficients that precisely match those produced by a sliding window Fourier decomposition during transient events. Although this(More)
This paper solves the optimal power flow (OPF) problem for a power system with a battery energy storage system (BESS). The optimization problem is also extended to minimize the size of the BESS. Additional constraints must be included to ensure the battery's net energy over a duration is zero. It was found that the cost of a BESS solely based on load(More)
This paper develops a simplified phasor model for predicting harmonics present at the point of common coupling between a voltage-source power converter and the utility network. It employs the frequency coupling matrix (FCM) modeling technique. The FCM is experimentally determined without requiring access to converter internal details, such as control and(More)
When harmonic resonance problems exist in large networks, it can be difficult to identify the extent to which various capacitors and inductors in the system contribute to these problems. This paper attempts to address this issue by presenting a new method for identifying the relative participation of capacitors and inductors on the amplification of(More)
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