Farhad Shahbazi

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Employing the kernel polynomial method (KPM), we study the electronic properties of the graphene bilayers with Bernal stacking in the presence of diagonal disorder, within the tight-binding approximation and nearest neighbor interactions. The KPM method enables us to calculate local density of states (LDOS) without the need to exactly diagonalize the(More)
ii To my mother, who has been with me every day of my life and to my wife Eli, who gave me l♥ve iii In the memory of our beloved friend and colleague the late Dr. Majid Abolhasani, who gave me some useful comments on the foundations of quantum mechanics, and was my initial encourager for working on quantum information theory. iv Acknowledgements It is a(More)
We investigate turbulent limit of the forced Burgers equation supplemented with a continuity equation in three dimensions. The scaling exponent of the conditional two-point correlation function of density, i.e., <rho(x1)rho(x2)/delta u> approximately /x1-x2/(-alpha3), is calculated self-consistently in the nonuniversal region from which we obtain alpha3=3.(More)
There are many controversial and challenging discussions about quantum effects in microscopic structures in neurons of the brain and their role in cognitive processing. In this paper, we focus on a small, nanoscale part of ion channels which is called the "selectivity filter" and plays a key role in the operation of an ion channel. Our results for(More)
Propagation of acoustic waves in strongly heterogeneous elastic media is studied using renormalization group analysis and extensive numerical simulations. The heterogeneities are characterized by a broad distribution of the local elastic constants. We consider both Gaussian-white distributed elastic constants, as well as those with long-range correlations(More)
Using the Martin-Siggia-Rose method, we study propagation of acoustic waves in strongly heterogeneous media which are characterized by a broad distribution of the elastic constants. Gaussian-white distributed elastic constants, as well as those with long-range correlations with nondecaying power-law correlation functions, are considered. The study is(More)
Many experimental studies, over the past two decades, have constantly reported a critical behavior for the transition from the smectic- A phase of liquid crystals to the hexatic- B phase with non- XY critical exponents. However, according to symmetry arguments this transition must belong to the XY universality class. Using an optimized Monte Carlo(More)
We study an S = 1/2 Heisenberg model on the honeycomb lattice with first and second neighbor antiferromagnetic exchange (J(1)-J(2) model), employing exact diagonalization in both the S(z) = 0 basis and nearest neighbor singlet valence bond (NNVB) basis. We find that for 0.2 < J(2)/J(1) < 0.3, the NNVB basis gives a proper description of the ground state in(More)
We investigate the speed time series of the vehicles recorded by a camera at a section of a highway in the city of Isfahan, Iran. Using k-means clustering algorithm, we find that the natural number of clustering for this set of data is 3. This is in agreement with the three-phase theory of uninterrupted traffic flows. According to this theory, the three(More)
Using a high resolution Monte Carlo simulation technique based on multi-histogram method and cluster-algorithm, we have investigated critical properties of a coupled XY model, consists of a six-fold symmetric hexatic and a threefold symmetric herringbone field, in two dimensions. The simulation results demonstrate a series of novel continues transitions, in(More)