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Effect of Scrophularia striata and Ferulago angulata, as alternatives to virginiamycin, on growth performance, intestinal microbial population, immune response, and blood constituents of broiler
D dietary S. striata or F. angulata at a level of 4 g/kg diet enhanced growth performance, which was comparable to that of VM used as an antibiotic growth promoter, and a high dose of both herbs could beneficially affect the intestinal health and immune status of broilers. Expand
Effects of Scrophularia striata hydroalcoholic extract in comparison to salinomycin on growth performance, intestinal health and immunity in broiler chickens following a mixed-species Eimeria
Dietary SSE, especially at high levels of inclusion in broiler diet (400 mg/kg), could result in a comparable growth performance and a better immune response, compared to a salinomycin supplement under coccidiosis challenge. Expand