Farhad Oroumchian

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The Persian language is one of the dominant languages in the Middle East, so there are significant amount of Persian documents available on the Web. Due to the special and different nature of the Persian language compared to other languages like English, the design of information retrieval systems in Persian requires special considerations. However, there(More)
The Persian language is one of the languages in Middle-East, so there are significant amount of Persian documents available on the Web. But there are relatively few studies on retrieval of Persian documents in the literature. In this experimental study, we assessed term and N-gram based vector space model and a query expansion method, namely, local context(More)
This paper describes creation of a test collection for Persian Part of Speech Tagging experiments. This collection was created by modifying a manually Part of Speech (POS) tagged Persian corpus with over two million tagged words. The original collection had a tag set of 550 tags that are more than what any machine learning algorithm can handle. The number(More)
Persian (Farsi) is one of the languages of Middle East. There are significant amount of Persian documents available in digital form and even more are created every day. Therefore, there is a necessity to implement Information Retrieval System with high precision for this language. This paper discusses the design, implementation and testing of a Fuzzy(More)
One of the fundamental tasks in natural language processing is part of speech (POS) tagging. A POS tagger is a piece of software that reads text in some language and assigns a part of speech tag to each one of the words. Our main interest in this research was to see how easy it is to apply methods used in a language such as English to a new and different(More)
The development of Language Engineering (LE) and Information Retrieval (IR) applications requires availability of sizeable, reliable and representative corpora. This paper describes how we have constructed a well-structured 345 MB tagged corpus of news, and presents some beneficial statistics of this corpus based upon the characteristics of Farsi language.(More)
Concept graph is a graph in which nodes are concepts and the edges indicate the relationship between the concepts. Creation of concept graphs is a hot topic in the area of knowledge discovery. Natural Language Processing (NLP) based concept graph creation is one of the efficient but costly methods in the field of information extraction. Compared to NLP(More)
One of the fundamental works in natural language processing is creating a feasible corpus for evaluating effectiveness of different algorithms. In this paper, the authors report creation of test corpus of automatic part of speech tagging purposes based on the Persian tagged corpus of Prof. Bijankhan. This study includes preprocessing , statistical analysis(More)
With rapid growth of information sources, it is essential to develop methods that retrieve most relevant information according to the user requirements. One way of improving the quality of retrieval is to use more than one retrieval engine and then merge the retrieved results and show a single ranked list to the user. There are studies that suggest(More)