Farhad Mehta

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Event-B is a formal method for system-level modelling and analysis. Key features of Event-B are the use of set theory as a modelling notation, the use of refinement to represent systems at different abstraction levels and the use of mathematical proof to verify consistency between refinement levels. In this article we present the Rodin modelling tool that(More)
This paper develops sound modelling and reasoning methods for imperative programs with pointers: heaps are modelled as mappings from addresses to values, and pointer structures are mapped to higherlevel data types for verification. The programming language is embedded in higher-order logic, its Hoare logic is derived. The whole development is purely(More)
Partial functions are frequently used when specifying and reasoning about computer programs. Using partial functions entails reasoning about potentially ill-defined expressions. In this paper we show how to formally reason about partial functions without abandoning the well understood domain of classical two-valued predicate calculus. In order to achieve(More)
  • Farhad Mehta
  • Fifth IEEE International Conference on Software…
  • 2007
Reactive integrated development environments for software engineering have lead to an increase in productivity and quality of programs produced. They have done so by replacing the traditional sequential compile, test, debug development cycle with a more integrated and reactive development environment where these tools are run automatically in the(More)
OBJECTIVES This work describes the development and characterization of novel self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery systems (SNEDDS) employing polyunsaturated fatty acids for enhancing the oral bioavailability and anticancer activity of paclitaxel (PTX) by coadministration with curcumin (Cu). METHODS Preformulation studies endorsed sesame oil, labrasol, and(More)
We would like to present results obtained after doing a case study on the possibilities of doing proof search in a higher-order logic using existing automated proof tools. A commonly occurring type of proof obligation necessary to prove the correctness of the Schorr-Waite algorithm in the interactive prover Isabelle/HOL is given as a problem to the(More)
and Concrete Local Witnesses. Witnesses for abstract local variables tM are used in the guard strengthening proof obligation. Witnesses for concrete local variables tN are used in the guard equivalence proof obligation of external events (REF GRD EXT). Derived Witnesses. The user interface could suggest certain invariants and theorems to be global witnesses(More)
Type-directed API search, using queries composed of both keywords and type signatures to retrieve definitions from APIs, are popular in the functional programming community. This search technique allows programmers to easily navigate complex and large APIs in order to find the definitions they are interested in. While there exist some effective approaches(More)
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