Farhad Mehmanpazir

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Artificial Intelligence models (AI) which computerize human reasoning has found a challenging test bed for various paradigms in many areas including financial time series prediction. Extensive researches have resulted in numerous financial applications using AI models. Since stock investment is a major investment activity, Lack of accurate information and(More)
Please cite this article in press as: A. Ghanbari e mand forecasting knowledge-based expert syst Knowledge-based expert systems are becoming one of the major tools for scientists and engineers nowadays, since they have many attractive features and can be called upon to deal with real/complex engineering application problems which are not easy to solve by(More)
Brand choice models, used for describing the process of choosing mutually exclusive alternatives, attracted a large amount of attention from researchers in the early of the recent decade. These models can be used as a market response simulator for simulating marketing strategies and assessing how changes in marketing variables such as pricing and promotions(More)
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