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Recently, a lot of research has been dedicated to optimizing the QoS-aware service composition. This aims at selecting the optimal composed service from all possible service combinations regarding user’s endto-end quality requirements. Existing solutions often employ the global optimization approach, which does not show promising performance. Also, the(More)
With an expanding of Web services giving same functionalities, Quality of Service (QoS) is becoming an important criterion for selection of the best available service. So users need to know QoS information and the reliability of this information .This article presents a new model of reputation improved Web services discovery considering the quality of(More)
Web services composition based on QoS is the NP-hard problem, so the bionics optimization algorithms can solve it well. On the other hand, QoS of compound service is a key factor for satisfying the users. The users prefer different QoSs according to their desires. We have Proposed the services composition algorithm based on quality of services and(More)
Recently, a lot of research works have attempted to model the choreography of services by different languages. Each language models the choreography on the basis of different view and level of abstraction. The features of each language demonstrate how much it is suitable for service choreography modeling. Among all languages, WS-CDL is a popular language(More)
Business corporations usually require choreography of services to be dynamic and adaptable. One way for answering this demand is to develop the services having dynamic behaviours. However, it is not enough and their behaviours must be composed dynamically too. The current model such as WS-CDL has a static structure to specify choreography and is not able to(More)
Among many service choreography description languages, WS-CDL which has been developed by W3C is the most popular one. This language is an intermediate language mostly considered as a design language to describe the choreography, and is unable to model the choreography in high level. Regard to this issue, this paper proposes a set of notations, used at the(More)
Service-Oriented Applications are being regarded as the main practical solution for distributed environments. In such systems, though each service is able to response the user request independently, it is essential to compose them for supplying a compound value-added service enable us to address the complex requests. Since, there may be a number of(More)
Non-functional properties play an important role in all web service related tasks, especially in selection and composition of services. To select a service according to the user business policies, it is necessary to find a mechanism for matching the user business policies with the web service policies. To do this, exploiting semantic matching is effective.(More)