Farhad Mardukhi

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Recently, a lot of research has been dedicated to optimizing the QoS-aware service composition. This aims at selecting the optimal composed service from all possible service combinations regarding user’s endto-end quality requirements. Existing solutions often employ the global optimization approach, which does not show promising performance. Also, the(More)
The competition between malware creators and those who work on malware detection, led to emergence and development of multifarious techniques for both creation and detection. In recent years, metamorphic malwares have become a serious challenge for antivirus programmers. Signature and heuristic based techniques cannot offer plenary solutions for detection(More)
In this work, we show how to discover a semantic web service among a repository of web services. A new approach for web service discovering based on calculating the functions similarity. We define the Web service functions with Ontology Web Language (OWL). We wrote some rules for comparing two web services parameters. Our algorithm compares the parameters(More)
With an expanding of Web services giving same functionalities, Quality of Service (QoS) is becoming an important criterion for selection of the best available service. So users need to know QoS information and the reliability of this information .This article presents a new model of reputation improved Web services discovery considering the quality of(More)
Among many service choreography description languages, WS-CDL which has been developed by W3C is the most popular one. This language is an intermediate language mostly considered as a design language to describe the choreography, and is unable to model the choreography in high level. Regard to this issue, this paper proposes a set of notations, used at the(More)
WS-CDL is a very rich language that is specially designed to describe choreography of services. However it is very poor to adopt reusability mechanisms for making the choreography easy to design and confident to use. The main challenge is that there is no mechanism to make a reusable sub choreography which is able to expose an interface. Therefore, it is(More)
Web service choreography has two points of view, public and local. The observable behavior of collaborating services to obtain the common goal based on WS-CDL language is called public choreography. The behavior of each participant services in the form of UML state machines to participate in collaboration is called local choreography .This paper proposes a(More)
The development of sensors with the microelectromechanical systems technology expedites the emergence of new tools for human-computer interaction, such as inertial pens. These pens, which are used as writing tools, do not depend on a specific embedded hardware, and thus, they are inexpensive. Most of the available inertial pen character recognition(More)