Farhad Maleki

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In the past few years, study of securing the digital images has increased tremendously and several encryption algorithms based on Cellular Automata have been proposed to protect the digital images against different cryptographic attacks. This paper proposes a novel pixel based encryption scheme based on Cellular Automata and Galois Field. Here the random(More)
Due to the importance of rolling bearings as one of the most commonly used industrial machinery elements, it is necessary to develop proper monitoring and fault diagnosis procedure to suppress malfunctioning and failure of these elements during operation. For rolling bearing fault detection, it is expected that a desired time domain analysis method has good(More)
The post-translational modification of proteins is critical for regulating their function. Although many post-translational modification sites have been experimentally determined, particularly in certain model organisms, experimental knowledge of these sites is severely lacking for many species. Thus, it is important to be able to predict sites of(More)
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