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In recent years, more and more visual descriptors have been proposed to describe objects and scenes appearing in images. Different features describe different aspects of the visual characteristics. How to combine these heterogeneous features has become an increasing critical problem. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to unsupervised integrate such(More)
This paper describes research towards a system for locating wireless nodes in a home environment requiring merely a single access point. The only sensor reading used for the location estimation is the received signal strength indication (RSSI) as given by an RF interface, e.g., Wi-Fi. Wireless signal strength maps for the positioning filter are obtained by(More)
Multi-instance learning (MIL) considers input as bags of instances, in which labels are assigned to the bags. MIL is useful in many real-world applications. For example, in image categorization semantic meanings (labels) of an image mostly arise from its regions (instances) instead of the entire image (bag). Existing MIL methods typically build their models(More)
A method is presented to help users look up the meaning of an unknown sign from American Sign Language (ASL). The user submits a video of the unknown sign as a query, and the system retrieves the most similar signs from a database of sign videos. The user then reviews the retrieved videos to identify the video displaying the sign of interest. Hands are(More)
This paper analyzes the role of dictionary selection in Sparse Representation-based Classification (SRC). While SRC introduces interesting results in the field of classification, its performance is highly limited by the number of training samples to form the classification matrix. Different studies addressed this issue by using a more compact representation(More)
* Theoretical models like CSP and CCS describe computation using synchronization. Such models define independent system entities or processes that cooperate by explicit communication. In safety critical systems these communications represent visible actions which, if they do not occur or are delayed beyond their deadline, will cause a failure to occur. This(More)