Farhad Jafari

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—This paper develops new, analytical methods to find a large class of orthogonal Gough–Stewart platforms (OGSPs) having desired properties at their home position. In contrast, prior methods have been computationally intensive, relying on numerical search techniques. By exploiting symmetry, 27 equations are reduced to only two. The new techniques are(More)
—Development of methods to design optimal Gough–Stewart platform geometries capable of meeting desired specifications is of high interest. Computationally intensive methods have been used to treat this problem in various settings. This paper uses analytic methods to characterize all orthogonal Gough–Stewart platforms (OGSPs) and to study their properties(More)
BACKGROUND Sulfur mustard (SM) has been used as a chemical warfare agent since the early twentieth century. Despite the large number of studies that have investigated SM induced ocular injuries, few of those studies have also focused on the psychological health status of victims. This study has evaluated the most prominent influences on the psychological(More)
BACKGROUND This study aimed to determine the prevalence of smoking behaviors among students in Tehran University, Iran. METHODS This was a cross-sectional study on 400 participants of Tehran University. A self-administrated, anonymous questionnaire was used for data gathering. FINDINGS The mean age of students was 21.70 ± 2.73 years, and 92% of them(More)