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Episodic memories for autobiographical events that happen in unique spatiotemporal contexts are central to defining who we are. Yet, before 2 years of age, children are unable to form or store episodic memories for recall later in life, a phenomenon known as infantile amnesia. Here, we studied the development of allocentric spatial memory, a fundamental(More)
OBJECTIVE Antipsychotic (AP) drugs frequently induce weight gain. The present study aimed at exploring a potential association between antipsychotic-induced weight gain and delayed negative alliesthesia for sweet stimuli. RESEARCH METHODS AND PROCEDURES The study aimed at recruiting patients undergoing AP treatment, half of them with stable weight and the(More)
This experiment investigated challenge evaluations in soccer and their relation to prejudice: more precisely, whether skin colour may influence judgments of soccer tackles. Three groups of participants (soccer players, referees,and soccer fans) were asked to evaluate challenges, featuring Black and White players as aggressors and victims in a mixed-design(More)
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