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Phylogeographical studies are common in boreal and temperate species from the Palaearctic, but scarce in arid-adapted species. We used nuclear and mitochondrial markers to investigate phylogeography and to estimate chronology of colonization events of the trumpeter finch Bucanetes githagineus, an arid-adapted bird. We used 271 samples from 16 populations,(More)
This study examines variations in nest placement and its effects on nesting success in the Desert Finch (Rhodospiza obsoleta) and the Linnet (Carduelis cannabina) which coexist in a recently established plantation (novel habitat) in a desert region in Jordan. A comparison with other habitats (old plantation in the desert and native, Mediterranean-type,(More)
The Great Tit, Parus major, is a widespread and common passerine species throughout the western parts of the Near East and can be found in both mountainous and lowland Mediterranean climate areas. It is a common resident of the mountains and rift margins of northwest Jordan (Andrews 1995) in a variety of woodland habitats. In addition, an apparently(More)
The phylogenetic relationship of many species and subspecies within the genus Oenanthe (wheatears) is still debated. Only recently molecular approaches have been used to clarify their basal taxonomy. One of the main unsolved groups is summarized under the name mourning wheatear O. lugens, which comprises depending on the underlying species concept 3-8(More)
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