Fareen Shaikh

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In a heterogeneous networking environment, the knowledge of the time before a vertical handover (TBVH) for any network is vital in correctly assigning connections to available channels. In this paper, we introduce a predictive mathematical model for calculating the estimated TBVH component from available network parameters and discuss the different(More)
Context-awareness is a vital requirement of heterogeneous devices which allows them to predict future network conditions with sufficient accuracy. In this paper we present a proactive modelling-based approach for policy management which allows the mobile node to calculate Time Before Vertical Handover for open and closed environments. The paper explains how(More)
Summary form only given. The main focus of this paper is to investigate the requirements for developing a feasible solution for the transmission of Telesurgical (mainly Telementoring) audio and video information over high speed wireless links. This requires an improvement in the quality of service of the wireless link between two sites in terms of(More)
Bigtable is a storage model designed for handling massive amount of data mainly over distributed systems. It stores data in tabular format but it is not a relational database. It is the proprietary system of Google Inc. It is fault tolerant, persistent and highly scalable. It is written in java, python, go and ruby. It has been at the heart of many google(More)
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