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This paper investigates two seller-driven black-hat online marketplaces, SEOClerks and MyCheapJobs, aiming to shed light on the services they offer as well as sellers and customers they attract. We perform a measurement-based analysis based on complete crawls of their websites and find that the vast majority of services target popular social media and(More)
The Paranoid file system is an encrypted, secure, global file system with user managed access control. The system provides efficient peer-to-peer application transparent file sharing. This paper presents the design, implementation and evaluation of the Paranoid file system and its access-control architecture. The system lets users grant safe, selective ,(More)
—Previous distributed anomaly detection efforts have operated on summary statistics gathered from each node. This has the advantage that the audit trail is limited in size since event sets can be succinctly represented. While this minimizes the bandwidth consumed and helps scale the detection to a large number of nodes, it limits the infrastructure's(More)
—Large data processing tasks can be effected using workflow management systems. When either the input data or the programs in the pipeline are modified, the workflow must be re-executed to ensure that the final output data is updated to reflect the changes. Since such re-computation can consume substantial resources, optimizing the system to avoid redundant(More)
Users can determine the precise origins of their data by collecting detailed provenance records. However, auditing at a finer grain produces large amounts of metadata. To efficiently manage the collected provenance, several provenance management systems, including SPADE, record provenance on the hosts where it is generated. Distributed provenance raises the(More)
Identifying when anomalous activity is correlated in a distributed system is useful for a range of applications from intrusion detection to tracking quality of service. The more specific the logs, the more precise the analysis they allow. However, collecting detailed logs from across a distributed system can deluge the network fabric. We present an(More)
▪ Modern businesses face an increasing need to store sensitive information on the cloud. ▪ Clouds are multi-tenant infrastructures that share resources for achieving economies of scale. ▪ Cloud enterprises employ shared management and statistical multiplexing on physical recourses for efficient utilization. ▪ The necessity of shared infrastructure leads to(More)
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the de facto protocol for inter-domain routing in the Internet. BGP performance has historically been accepted but rapidly evolving internet demands better performance guarantees from BGP. BGP convergence time is notorious for its unpredictable and unbounded limits. We present a novel way where we dissipate BGP state change(More)