Faraz Fatemi Moghaddam

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The rapid growth of using cloud computing environments for storing data and deploying on-demand software, is an undeniable fact that have attracted attentions of IT service providers to this emerging technology. Accordingly, a considerable number of cloud-based applications were presented by service providers with different specifications. Managing profile(More)
Cloud computing is an emerging technology that is still unclear to many security problems and user authentication, access control, and ensuring the security of stored data in cloud servers are the most challenging issues in cloud-based environment. Accordingly, this paper offers an efficient and scalable user authentication scheme for cloud computing(More)
Cloud computing is an emerging developed technology and the next natural step in the evolution of on-demand information technology services and products that uses concepts of virtualization, storage, processing power, and sharing. According to various researches, access control and user authentication are the most important security concerns and challenging(More)
The approval rating of cloud computing as an emerging technology has been enhanced significantly and these days, there are many cloud storage and computing providers who offer their services regarding IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Despite these considerable benefits, there are serious concerns and challenges about this new technology. The most important issue is(More)
The rapid growth of e-services between enterprises and users is one of the most considerable topics for researchers and planners. Despite the rapid growth, many limitations and considerations have appeared especially in matters of safety and efficiency. According to these considerations, this paper offers an e-service framework based on cloud computing(More)
The effectiveness and influence rate of cloud computing services in devices with limited power and computation resources (e.g. mobile devices) has been considered by many researchers and has led to many performed researches and IT products for these devices. One of the most challenging issues during migration of applications and processes to clouds is the(More)
Ensuring about the security and privacy of stored data in cloud servers is one of the most challenging issues that decrease the rate of reliability in cloud computing environments. Applying cryptography algorithms is the most common solution to enhance the reliability of cloud servers and to protect resources from possible attacks and un-predictable events.(More)
Cloud computing is the realization for a long-held dream of computing as utility of establishment of on-demand IT services. The considerable specifications of this emerging technology have attracted attentions of many users and enterprises in various industries. However, there are some considerable concerns that reduce reliability of cloud-based services.(More)
One of the most considerable concerns in cloud computing environments is ensuring about the security and privacy of stored data in cloud servers. Hence, several data protection tools and techniques have been presented to enhance the reliability in this emerging technology. One of the most challenging issues in this area is classification of stored data to(More)
Cloud computing is an unprecedented paradigm for hosting and delivering resources by providing on-demand services. The rapid growth of using cloud-based services in recent years is an impossible fact to be denied as it has increased the efficiency in accessing to shared pools of configurable computing resources. According to this rapid growth, it is(More)