Faraz Ahmadi Torshizi

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SCOOP is a minimal extension to the sequential object-oriented programming model for concurrency. The extension consists of one keyword (separate) that avoids explicit thread declarations, synchronized blocks, explicit waits, and eliminates data races and atomicity violations by construction, through a set of compiler rules. SCOOP was originally described(More)
SCOOP is a concurrent programming language with a new semantics for contracts that applies equally well in concurrent and sequential contexts. SCOOP eliminates race conditions and atomicity violations by construction. However, it is still vulnerable to deadlocks. In this paper we describe how far contracts can take us in verifying interesting properties of(More)
ESpec is a suite of tools that facilitates the testing and verification of object-oriented Eiffel programs in an integrated environment. The suite includes unit testing tools (ES-Test) and Fit tables (ES-Fit for customer requirements) that report contract failures. This paper describes ES-Verify (part of ESpec) for automatically verifying a significant(More)
SCOOP and Spec# are programming languages that aim to extend Design by Contract to concurrent and reactive systems. In this paper we discuss how appropriate theorem provers (using Hoare-like verification) can be used to statically check that the contracts are obeyed in concurrent executions, as well as discussing the syntactic and semantic differences(More)
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