Faranak Fotouhi-Ghazvini

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This paper analyses different definitions of mobile learning which have been proposed by various researchers. The most distinctive features of mobile learning are extracted to propose a new definition for Mobile Educational Mixed Reality Games (MEMRG). A questionnaire and a quantifying scale are designed to assist the game developers in designing MEMRG. A(More)
In this research we produced a mobile language learning game that is designed within a technical context. After conceptual analysis of the subject matter i.e. computer’s motherboard, the game was designed. The action within the game is consistent to the theme. There is a story, simplifying and exaggerating real life. Elements of control, feedback and sense(More)
In this paper, several Augmented Reality(AR) games used in mobile learning have been evaluated. It is concluded that AR adds a real sense of learning to mobile games by providing models of real world settings for learners. The learning objectives must be integrated into the game rules, story and different levels. The game model must be close to the real(More)
Mobile learning has significant potential to be very influential in developing countries. Because of its ubiquitous nature and comparatively low cost, the mobile phone system appears to be the most practical way of delivering m-learning for the foreseeable future. Mobile learning with its any time/place/pace learning will conveniently accommodate different(More)
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