Faramarz Shaahmadi

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the increased rate of cesarean section in recent decades and natural desire of women probably due to social, economic& cultural issues in our country. While that in many cases, vaginal delivery can be replaced by unnecessary cesarean. In the absence of need the trend of cesarean section has implications for both future healthy(More)
OBJECTIVE Over the past two decades, the incidence of cesarean section in most countries has increased. Cesarean section increases the risk of death and complications in the mother and fetus. Educational interventions based on behavior change models can play an important role in reduce the rate of cesarean section. The aim of our study is investigation the(More)
INTRODUCTION In recent decades, the development of medical and pharmaceutical science has led to a heavy financial burden on the government, insurance companies, and the general population. Due to the increasing the cost of pharmaceutical products in the Kermanshah Province, policy makers have tried to identify the factors that resulted in the increases.(More)
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