Faramarz Masjedian

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Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is an important structural component of the outer cell membrane complex of gram negative microorganisms. Its causative role in gram negative bacteria-induced diseases and broad applications in different kinds of cell stimulation experiments provided a conceptual basis for studies directed at the isolation, purification, and detailed(More)
clearance. The patients during the intralesional infiltration of the drug noticed slight pain. After healing, scarring was minimal or absent, but hyperpigmentation was noted in all patients which later disappeared. In the 0.5% group, 65 lesions were treated, 55 lesions of the dry type and 10 lesion of the wet one. Marked improvement or complete clearance(More)
PURPOSE In the last few decades, increasing microbial resistance to common antibiotics has attracted researchers' attention to the development of new classes of antibiotics such as antimicrobial peptides. Accordingly, the aim of the current study was to evaluate antimicrobial effects of the CM11 peptide alone and combined with common antibiotics against(More)
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