Farahnaz Mohammadi

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[reaction: see text] The efficient construction of an ingenol intermediate exhibiting "insideminus signoutside" intrabridgehead stereochemistry is reported. The sequence features the net conversion of a cis-intrabridgehead compound into a highly strained trans-species via palladium-mediated isomerization of an allylic epoxide followed by a low-temperature(More)
A series of 7-N-acyllavendamycins with zero, one or two substituents at the C-2', C-3', and C-11' were synthesized through short and efficient methods. Pictet-Spengler condensation of 7-N-acylamino-2-formylquinoline-5,8-diones with tryptamine or tryptophans produced the desired lavendamycins. Screening data on a panel of three ras oncogene-transformed cell(More)
Novel lavendamycin analogues with various substituents were synthesized and evaluated as potential NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase (NQO1)-directed antitumor agents. Pictet-Spengler condensation of quinoline- or quninoline-5,8-dione aldehydes with tryptamine or tryptophans yielded the lavendamycins. Metabolism studies with recombinant human NQO1 revealed that(More)
BACKGROUND Psychosocial factor is considered as intermediate social determinant of health, because it has powerful effects on health especially in women. Hence deeper understanding of the mental-health process needed for its promotion. The aim of this study was to explore women's experience of the mental-health problem and related action-interactions(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE A social determinants approach proposes that enhancing living conditions in areas such as income, housing, transportation, employment, education, social support, and health services is central to improving the health of urban populations. Urban development projects can be costly but have health impacts. The benefit derived from the(More)
This study reports on the results of a discrete choice experiment undertaken in Bandar Abbas general hospitals to assess the factors influencing the demand of hospital care. In particular, the role of quality and trade-offs between attributes. It then presents a case study applying the technique to patients refferd to general hospitals in Bandar Abbas. 326(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE Health impact assessment (HIA) offer a very logical and interesting approach for those aiming to integrate health issues into planning processes. With a lot of works and plans waiting to be done (e.g., developing and updating plans, counseling planning commissions, cooperation with other organizations), planners find it difficult to(More)
BACKGROUND & PURPOSE Career advancement programs are currently implemented in many countries. In Iran, the first career advancement program was Nurses' Career Advancement Pathway. The purpose of this study was to explore nurse leaders' experiences about implementing the Nurses' Career Advancement Pathway program in Iran. METHODS This exploratory(More)
BACKGROUND Studies showed that poor quality of sleep is a common problem among the elderly. Because of drug complications and side effects such as drug dependency and resistance and decrease of sleep depth in long-term intake of sleep medication, cognitive-behavior therapy including sleep restriction therapy which does not cause these problems is more(More)
BACKGROUND Because of improving life expectancy in the world in recent times, the focus has shifted to the issue of the quality and nature of life and how to assist successful aging (SA) rather than increasing physical survival and lifespan. SA is a multidimensional, relative, and context-dependent concept with different paths and outcomes. The purpose of(More)