Farah Dawood

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We previously used electron cryo-crystallography to determine the three-dimensional structure of recombinant gap junction channels formed by a C-terminal truncation mutant of Cx43 (11). The dodecameric channel is formed by the end-to-end docking of two hexameric connexons, each comprised of 24 transmembrane alpha-helices. We have now generated(More)
The controllable synthesis of semiconductor nanocrystals is important for exploiting their size-dependent properties in a variety of applications. The important wide-bandgap semiconductors ZnS and ZnSe crystallize in both the zincblende (ZB) and wurtzite (WZ) structures. While the ZB polymorphs are most stable, methods exist for synthesizing the WZ-type(More)
The ability of screen-films to depict dental structures utilizing the parameters used in intraoral radiography is investigated. The resolution and contrast of a variety of screen-film combinations are determined. Radiographs made on a phantom and patient are evaluated by observers. Some film-screen combinations produce radiographs with qualities similar to(More)
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