Faqiang Sun

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The potential use of microalgal biomass as a biofuel source has raised broad interest. Highly effective and economically feasible biomass generating techniques are essential to realize such potential. Flue gas from coal-fired power plants may serve as an inexpensive carbon source for microalgal culture, and it may also facilitate improvement of the(More)
Cloud providers use power under-provision policy to reduce the cost of infrastructure. Power capping technology is one of common approaches of power under-provision mechanism. It limits the maximal power consumption of server. DVFS and CPU capping are widely used approaches for power capping. However, they bring performance degradation due to lower(More)
Aiming at real-life problems, microrobotic systems have gained more and more attention. However, limited achievable performance of microrobotic system prevents it from carrying out complex tasks. Current research work propose customize designs for different applications and incorporate dedicated accelerator for high energy efficiency. However, not only such(More)
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