Faouzi Ben Ammar

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The space of symbols of differential operators on a smooth manifold (i.e., the space of symmetric contravariant tensor fields) is naturally a module over the Lie algebra of vector fields. We study, in the case of R with n ≥ 2, multiparameter formal deformations of this module. The space of linear differential operators on R provides an important class of(More)
The spaces of differential operators acting on skewsymmetric tensor fields or on smooth forms of a smooth manifold are representations of its Lie algebra of vector fields. We compute the first cohomology spaces of these representations and show how they are related to the cohomology with coefficients in the space of smooth functions of the manifold.
This work presents a novel wound rotor synchronous machine with dampers with dual three-phase open-end stator windings. The aim of the proposed machine is to improve the power segmentation and the availability of the drive system. The mathematical model of this machine is presented in the Park reference frame. This machine is supplied by four 2-level(More)
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