Faouzi Bahloul

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We report the possibility of using nonuniform tapered microstructured optical fiber (NTMOF) to reduce the overall coupling loss from an upstream MOF to a downstream fiber being another MOF with different geometry. The NTMOF is supposed to be drawn at the output end of the upstream MOF, with no coupling loss between the two. The propagation loss along the(More)
Based on the dissipative soliton resonance occurring in highly anomalous dispersion regime, we have demonstrated the emission of highly energetic square-wave pulses from the Er:Yb doped double clad fiber laser passively mode-locked through nonlinear polarization evolution. In contrast with the classical soliton regime, when the pumping power increases the(More)
In this paper, we demonstrate the possibility to obtain laser emission above 1.6 μm from a C-band Er:Yb doped fiber amplifier thanks to the control of linear losses of the cavity. The principle is validated in figure-of-eight fiber laser. This concept is then successfully used to realize a widely tunable graphene-based mode-locked fiber laser.
We have observed and demonstrated the linear and non linear parameters dependent optimum power and repetition rates of a hybrid - type actively and passively mode locked laser pulses in an erbium doped fiber laser of the figure of eight geometry by using a nonlinear amplifying loop mirror (NALM) totally made up of microstructured optical fiber MOF as a(More)
For decades, passively mode locked fiber laser have been a very rich research field and today short pulsed laser with high energy and high repetition rate find many applications in areas of many fundamental research. In this paper, we propose a passively mode locked figure-eight fiber laser (8FL) totally made up of microstructured optical fiber (MOF) and(More)
A simple self-referenced nondestructive method is proposed for measuring the cutoff wavelength of microstructured optical fibers (MOFs). It is based on the analysis of the time-dependent optical power transmitted through a bow-tie slit rotating in the far-field pattern of the fiber under test. As a first demonstration, the cutoff wavelength of a 2 m MOF(More)
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