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In this paper, an efficient watermarking algorithm for color image is proposed based on HSI color space and Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT). The color image is firstly converted from RGB to HSI format to obtain the intensity component. Then sub-blocks of intensity are divided and sorted according to the human visual system (HVS) characteristic. Finally,(More)
In this paper, a fast and adaptive weighted median filtering algorithm is studied on the basis of the analysis and comparison of some current median filtering algorithms. The weight value of the central pixel is defined according to the noise pollution level. The fast mean method is adopted in the process of searching median to improve the speed of the(More)
In this paper, a new recognition algorithm based on curvelet moment and support vector machine(SVM) is proposed for chip defect recognition. The proposed recognition method is implemented through a reference comparison method. First the defect regions of chips are extracted through preprocessing, and then the curvelet moment feature of the defect region is(More)
Noise removal is one of the most important parts to get original image from highly corrupted image. The image can be corrupted with noise during transmission from noisy channel, sensors or due to some environmental conditions. This makes the image visually unpleasant. Impulsive noise may occur during transmission which highly corrupts the image. In this(More)
  • Fanzhi Kong
  • 2010
In the process of wire bonding, pattern recognition system is often applied to measure the deviation of the actual chip relative to the sampling position (eye-point) in order to ensure the location accuracy and speed. In this paper, a new feature extraction and matching location algorithm based on wavelet moment and curvelet transform is proposed for wire(More)
In this paper, a novel method of inspecting bacterium body shapes based on image processing is proposed for monitoring and controlling the fermentation process of branch chain amino acid (BCAA). The proposed inspection algorithm is independent to a bacterium's direction and imaging scale by using base orientation and relative coding. Two relative codes are(More)
According to the characteristics of wire bonding image and to meet the requirement for strong noise rejection, a de-noising algorithm based on wavelet and cellular automata is presented in this paper. Evolution rules are given by using the direction information and edge orderliness of the pixels. The accurate noise information can be detected by automatic(More)
In order to increase the positioning accuracy and speed of PRS (pattern recognition system) of a wire bonder, a fast positioning method based on feature points was proposed and implemented in this paper. The feature points with translation and rotation invariance were extracted from both the eye point image and the test image with the SIFT (Scale Invariant(More)
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