Fanyin Zheng

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The dose-limiting side effect of the anti-neoplastic agent, paclitaxel, is a chronic distal symmetrical peripheral neuropathy that produces sensory dysfunction (hypoesthesia and neuropathic pain) but little or no distal motor dysfunction. Similar peripheral neuropathies are seen with chemotherapeutics in the vinca alkaloid, platinum-complex, and proteasome(More)
Painful peripheral neuropathies produced by nerve trauma are accompanied by substantial axonal degeneration and by a response in spinal cord microglia that is characterized by hypertrophy and increased expression of several intracellular and cell-surface markers, including ionizing calcium-binding adapter molecule 1 (Iba1) and Cd11b (a complement receptor 3(More)
An exclusive dealing (ED) contract between two firms stipulates that one cannot deal with the competitors of the other. Since under ED the supplier is not competing to sell to its exclusive retailers, it is not obvious whether a merger of suppliers would have any effect on competition. In this paper, I propose and estimate a structural model featuring(More)
Big box retail stores have large impact on local economies and receive large subsidies from local governments. Hence it is important to understand how discount retail chains choose store locations. In this paper, I study the entry decisions of those firms, examine the role of preemptive incentives, and evaluate the impact of government subsidies on those(More)
We estimate the effect of new private-sector unionization on publicly traded firms’ equity value in the United States over the 1961–1999 period using a newly assembledsample of National Labor Relations Board(NLRB) representation elections matchedtostockmarket data. Event-studyestimates showanaverageunion effect on the equity value of the firm equivalent to(More)
We examine the economies of density associated with the expansion of Amazon’s distribution network from 2006 to 2018. We demonstrate that, in placing a fulfillment center in a new state, Amazon faces a trade-off between the revenue implications of exposing local customers to sales tax on their purchases and the cost savings from reducing the shipping(More)
Competing standards often proliferate in the early years of product markets, potentially leading to socially inefficient investment. This paper studies the effect of compatibility in the U.S. electric vehicle market, which has grown ten-fold in its first five years but has three incompatible standards for charging stations. I develop and estimate a(More)
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