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—The letter presents a compact 3-bit 90 phase shifter for phased-array applications at the 60 GHz ISM band (IEEE 802.11ad standard). The designed phase shifter is based on reflective type topology using the proposed reflective loads with binary-weighted digitally-controlled varactor arrays and the transformer-type directional coupler. The measured eight(More)
Single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switches are a key building block for enabling transceiver time-division duplexing (TDD) when operated as a T/R switch or for eliminating imager fluctuations when operated as a Dicke switch. To provide acceptable compromises of NF, P out and sensitivity in transceivers or imagers, the switches are required to feature an(More)
Yb3+/Er3+ co-dopants sodium yttrium fluoride micro-powders were synthesized by a combustion method and the luminescence properties investigated. The results indicated that the up-conversion material synthesized by this method has high up-conversion efficiency and the fluorescence spectrum peak was sharp.
This work presents a parallel direct-conversion and double-conversion transceiver to solve the problems of crosstalk and LO pulling in the carrier aggregation scenario. An EVM of -34.9 dB is obtained when the output power of the PA driver is 0.4 dBm. Three aggregated carriers with 80 MHz 256-QAM modulation are demonstrated. To the authors' best knowledge,(More)
This paper presents low insertion loss, high isolation, ultra wideband (DC to 50 GHz) 2 × 2 switch matrix in a 300mm 0.13 µ m high substrate resistivity trap-rich SOI. The switches are designed by using a series-shunt-series configuration with input and output matching networks. The designed switches achieve a 1.8 dB of low insertion loss and(More)
The paper presents some key circuit design techniques for millimeter-wave ICs, especially for beam-forming applications. Firstly, the world-first CMOS SPDT switches operating beyond 140 GHz are introduced. Two prototypes, at 130-180 GHz and 220-285 GHz respectively, demonstrate the magnetic switchable artificial resonator concept and achieve size reduction(More)