Fanyi Meng

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The letter presents a compact 3-bit 90 phase shifter for phased-array applications at the 60 GHz ISM band (IEEE 802.11ad standard). The designed phase shifter is based on reflective-type topology using the proposed reflective loads with binary-weighted digitally-controlled varactor arrays and the transformer-type directional coupler. The measured eight(More)
Single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switches are a key building block for enabling transceiver time-division duplexing (TDD) when operated as a T/R switch or for eliminating imager fluctuations when operated as a Dicke switch. To provide acceptable compromises of NF, Pout and sensitivity in transceivers or imagers, the switches are required to feature an(More)
A fully integrated 93.4-to-104.8 GHz 57 mW cascaded PLL, with true in-phase injection-coupled QVCO, occupies 0.88 mm<sup>2</sup> in 65 nm CMOS. By cascading the fractional-N PLL and the sub-sampling PLL, good phase noise, high resolution and wide acquisition range are achieved simultaneously. The measured phase noise of QVCO and PLL are -112.67 and -108.75(More)
This paper presents a Ku-Band low-noise amplifier using 0.35-&#x00B5;m SiGe BiCMOS technology. An inductively degenerated common-source topology combined with floating-body transistors are used to improve the noise figure of the LNA. The simulation results show that this 3-stage LNA achieves 3.2 dB minimum noise figure and 18.5 dB power gain over(More)
The paper presents some key circuit design techniques for millimeter-wave ICs, especially for beam-forming applications. Firstly, the world-first CMOS SPDT switches operating beyond 140 GHz are introduced. Two prototypes, at 130-180 GHz and 220-285 GHz respectively, demonstrate the magnetic switchable artificial resonator concept and achieve size reduction(More)
This paper presents compact quarter-wavelength resonator filters to have multiple transmission zeros points (ZPs) with controllable electric and magnetic coupling paths. For two coupled resonators, the relative strength of electric and magnetic coupling paths determines the transmission ZPs positions that can be at either lower or upper stopband. Besides,(More)
We are performing a series of observations with ground-based telescopes toward Planck Galactic cold clumps (PGCCs) in the λ Orionis complex in order to systematically investigate the effects of stellar feedback. In the particular case of PGCC G192.32-11.88, we discovered an extremely young Class 0 protostellar object (G192N) and a proto-brown dwarf(More)
Yb3+/Er3+ co-dopants sodium yttrium fluoride micro-powders were synthesized by a combustion method and the luminescence properties investigated. The results indicated that the up-conversion material synthesized by this method has high up-conversion efficiency and the fluorescence spectrum peak was sharp.
This paper presents the design of a compact 60-GHz phase shifter that provides a 5-bit digital phase control and 360° phase range for beam-forming systems. The phase shifter is designed using the proposed cross-coupled bridged T-type topology and switched-varactor reflective-type topology. The topologies are analyzed using a small-signal equivalent circuit(More)