Fanxing Zeng

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Reboxetine analogues with methyl and fluoroalkyl substituents at position 2 of the phenoxy ring 1-4 were synthesized. In vitro competition binding with [(3)H]nisoxetine demonstrated that 1-4 have a(More)
2beta-Carbomethoxy-3beta-(4'-(3-furyl)phenyl)nortropane (1) was synthesized along with the N-methyl (2), N-fluoroethyl (3), N-fluoropropyl (4), and N-fluorobutyl (5) derivatives. The binding affinity(More)
A series of front bridged tricyclic 3beta-(4'-halo or 4'-methyl)phenyltropanes bearing methylene or carbomethoxymethylene on the bridge to the 2beta-position was synthesized, and their binding(More)