Fantin Girard

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A method to reduce the acoustic noise generated by gradient systems in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is proposed based on the linear response theory. Since the acoustic frequency response function of typical gradient coils is low in the range below 200 Hz, the noise level can be significantly reduced by using gradient pulse sequences whose spectra are(More)
We performed functional MRI experiments using a mute version of a gradient echo sequence on adult volunteers using either a simple visual stimulus (flicker goggles: 4 subjects) or an auditory stimulus (music: 4 subjects). Because the mute sequence delivers fewer images per unit time than a fast echo planar imaging (EPI) sequence, we explored our data using(More)
New data are reported from the operation of the PICO-60 dark matter detector, a bubble chamber filled with 36.8 kg of CF 3 I and located in the SNOLAB underground laboratory. PICO-60 is the largest bubble chamber to search for dark matter to date. With an analyzed exposure of 92.8 livedays, PICO-60 exhibits the same excellent background rejection observed(More)
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