Fantao Zeng

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This paper presents a way named spectrum-texture coordinate translation to solve real-time ocean wave simulation problem. It is found by experiment tests and comparisons. Based on viewpoint analysis, different ways are adopted to simulate wave. Spectrum-model is used to simulate the near ocean area scene and texture coordinate translation is used to(More)
A strong adsorbent TEA-GO for Cu(2+) is prepared using TEA modified GO nanosheets. FT-IR and XPS results show that epoxy groups on GO are eliminated, and simultaneously hydroxyl groups and C-N dominate the surface groups of TEA-GO. The increased equilibrium capacity of TEA-GO for a high initial concentration of Cu(2+) makes it a promising adsorbent for(More)
Medical image recognition is an important task in both computer vision and computational biology. In the field of medical image classification, representing an image based on local binary patterns (LBP) descriptor has become popular. However, most existing LBP-based methods encode the binary patterns in a fixed neighborhood radius and ignore the spatial(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel set of time-hopping (TH) sequences with no-hit zone (NHZ) suitable for quasi-synchronous time-hopping spread spectrum ultra wideband (QS-THSS-UWB) systems. Different from the existing NHZ-TH sequences, the constructed NHZ-TH sequences not only have good TH auto-correlation and cross-correlation properties in the range of(More)
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