Fanqiao Meng

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The occurrence of ∑HCHs, ∑DDTs, protozoa abundance and their community structure in surface soils of orchards, vegetable lands, and barren lands in northern west outskirts of Beijing were detected in order to investigate the protozoa responses to low dose organic chlorinated Pesticides (OCPs) after long-term field-based exposure. Significant differences in(More)
Pulse labeling of crops using 13C is often employed to trace photosynthesized carbon (C) within crop-soil systems. However, few studies have compared the C distribution for different labeling periods. The overall aim of this study was to determine the length of the monitoring interval required after 13C-pulse labeling to quantify photosynthate C allocation(More)
Characterizing the dynamics of nitrogen (N) leaching from organic and conventional paddy fields is necessary to optimize fertilization and to evaluate the impact of these contrasting farming systems on water bodies. We assessed N leaching in organic versus conventional rice production systems of the Ili River Valley, a representative aquatic ecosystem of(More)
In the North China Plain, a field experiment was conducted to measure nitrous oxide (N2O) and methane (CH4) fluxes from a typical winter wheat–summer maize rotation system under five integrated agricultural management practices: conventional regime [excessive nitrogen (N) fertilization, flood irrigation, and rotary tillage before wheat sowing; CON],(More)
To develop management practices for agricultural crops to protect against NO3(-) contamination in groundwater, dominant pollution activities require reliable classification. In this study, we (1) classified potential NO3(-) pollution activities via an unsupervised learning algorithm based on δ(15)N- and δ(18)O-NO3(-) and physico-chemical properties of(More)
Organic agriculture has developed rapidly in China since the 1990s, driven by the increasing domestic and international demand for organic products. Quantification of the environmental benefits and production performances of organic agriculture on a national scale helps to develop sustainable high yielding agricultural production systems with minimum(More)
Requirements for mitigation of the continued increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are much needed for the North China Plain (NCP). We conducted a meta-analysis of 76 published studies of 24 sites in the NCP to examine the effects of natural conditions and farming practices on GHG emissions in that region. We found that N2O was the main component of(More)
Salinity has significant effects on nitrification and denitrification processes, particularly in estuarine systems. A dissolved oxygen-enriched river and its estuary in northern China were selected to investigate the impact of salinity gradients (0.6, 4, 7.6, 11.4 and 14.7‰) obtained from the mixing of river samples and estuarine samples with different(More)
Global population increase will require rapid increase of food production from existing agricultural land by 2050, which will inevitably mean the increase of agricultural productivity. Due to agricultural sustainable intensification since the 1990s, crop production in Huantai County of northern China has risen to 15tha-1yr-1 for the annual wheat-maize(More)
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