Fanqiang Gao

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The droop method has been widely used in the parallel operation of inverters. The coefficients of the droop controller influence the transient response and stability of the wireless paralleled inverters system. However, the conventional phasor representation of sinusoidal signals is constrained by the quasi-stationary assumption, which is generally(More)
The dc-link pole to pole short circuit is one of the most serious fault of a modular multilevel converter. Because of this, it is also one of the most important research objects for institutes and companies. However, there are not so many papers about this experiment published yet. Actually, the short circuit current before blocking the sub modules is the(More)
The paper is talked about a new current tracking control method for low-voltage high-power active power filter. The main circuit topology of APF adopts a three-phase three-line voltage source converter, which is constituted by three H-bridges. Current tracking control method of APF determines the APF performance. For high-power APF, the switching frequency(More)
In this paper, a power module capacitor voltage balancing method is presented for a ±350 kV/ 1000 MW modular multilevel converter (MMC) oriented for a back-to-back grid interconnecting project. In this method, a Balancing Adjusting Number (BAN) is proposed to adjust the voltage balancing effect and the switching frequency of the power modules. An(More)
Smart energy router (SER), also called as power electronics transformer (PET) or solid state transformer (SST), will serve as a critical component in the next-generation electric power system. Taking advantage of modular multilevel converter (MMC) and input series output parallel (ISOP) topologies, new type of smart energy router has been developed.(More)
In order to improve the parameter precision of induction motor in identification at standstill, a novel method by adaptive compensation of dead-time effect in inverter control is proposed. Proportional resonant controller, phase locked loop and the feature of dead-time effect are implemented to adaptively compensate the dead-time effect of current and to(More)
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