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A questionnaire was distributed electronically amongst sheep farmers in England; it aimed to provide a quantification of current anthelmintic practices, farmer awareness of the issue of anthelmintic resistance (AR) and the uptake, awareness and opinions surrounding conventional and alternative methods of nematode control. The majority of farmers relied on(More)
From 2013-2016, animal-based measures were collected as part of the "Real Welfare" protocol adopted by the Red Tractor Pigs Assurance Scheme to assess the welfare in finisher pig herds in the UK. Trained veterinarians from 89 veterinary practices assessed 112,241 pens (hospital pens excluded) from 1928 farms using a multistage sampling protocol, and(More)
We aimed to identify mortality patterns and to establish risk factors associated with different categories of piglet perinatal mortality in French farms. At farm level, the analyses were performed on data from 146 farms that experienced perinatal mortality problems. At piglet level, the analyses were performed on data from 155 farms (7761 piglets). All data(More)
  • S . K . KRITAS, A . SAGGINI, +10 authors P . CONTI
  • 2014
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in obese individuals. Obesity dramatically increases the risk of development of metabolic and cardiovascular disease. This risk appears to originate from disruption in adipose tissue function leading to a chronic inflammatory state and to dysregulation of the endocrine and paracrine(More)
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