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Sexual conflict can elevate mating costs via male inflicted damage to females. Possible selective advantages to males include decreasing the likelihood that females remate and/or increasing females' current reproductive investment in a manner analogous to terminal reproductive investment. We investigated female mating behaviour relative to their number of(More)
BACKGROUND Dermatological infections constitute the most common health problem in the homeless population. OBJECTIVES To estimate the prevalences of scabies and pediculosis corporis and to identify associated factors in the homeless population. METHODS Two randomized cross-sectional surveys were performed, one on the homeless population sleeping in(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the composition, distribution, ecology, and conservation status of the Atlantic elements of the Swiss flora. About 195 Atlantic and 80 Mediterranean–Atlantic vascular plant species of the European flora have been used as the basis for our analysis. The complete list of 3,143 taxa has been used as the reference for(More)
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