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When city emergencies happen, one of the most important tasks of emergency rescue is to find the shortest path to the emergency in shortest time, scientific and rational path plays an important role in improving rescue efficiency. According to the needs of city emergency rescue and basing on the analysis of the classical algorithm for solving the shortest(More)
On the basis of the characters of footprint shape, a toe shape description method based on geometric characteristic values of toe image is proposed. Corner detection is carried out on toe region, and the characteristic points which can describe the toe shape are confirmed by the edge of toe image. Through finding characteristic points whose distances to the(More)
The estimation of harmonic to noise ratio (HNR) in transmitted sound signals with a wavelet transform was proposed. When subjects phonate sustained vowels in breathy, falsetto, leakage and pressed mode in normal loudness, the HNR in the human voice and transmitted sound signals was estimated and compared. The results indicated that the HNR in transmitted(More)
This paper studied the regulation of mass event from the perspective of its individual, and proposed an agent-based mass event modeling. The individual behavior of aggregation, riots, fled in mass event was modeled. Then the model was applied to computer simulation for observing crowd behavior of all the individuals in the three states. By this, we can(More)
This paper bases on the research of cellular automaton and Agent, proposing a Grid-Agent model. This model uses the grid as the basic unit, and the individual Agents in the grid implement their movement by judging the state of their own and the grid around to achieve the purpose of simulating the crowd behavior. This will overcome the insufficient of the(More)
This paper uses Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP) to analyze the probability of individual appearing acts of violence by the influence of different roles in the crowd of Mass Violence Event, obtaining the weight of influence of organization leaders, agitators, general participants and bystanders to individuals. This paper also introduces spatial heterogeneity(More)
During and after any extreme event of natural or man-made origin, the primary objectives are getting people out of harms way and to an safety area. The keys to saving lives are orderly and efficient evacuations. We have proposed a new model based on the traditional lattice gas automate, in our paper, it can simulate the human crowd behavior in the crowd(More)
This paper introduces a new method for analyzing Mass Violence Events, and then we make use of Intelligent Artificial and Agent-Based System to deal with them. In the meanwhile, we describe and defy three kinds of agents (cops, activists and civilians), what comes next is that we apply these theories to model and simulate such events. The simulation results(More)
This paper puts forward a method based on Logistic regression of emergency evacuation traffic trip generation forecasting model. Based on analysis of Xiamen residents earthquake evacuation survey data, the software of applied statistic SPSS could establish emergency evacuation traffic trip generation forecasting model by Logistic regression. This model(More)