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1 A new high-resolution Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL) coupled model 2 (HiFLOR) has been developed and used to investigate potential skill in simulation and 3 prediction of tropical cyclone (TC) activity. HiFLOR comprises of high-resolution (~25-km 4 mesh) atmosphere and land components and a more moderate-resolution (~100-km mesh) sea 5 ice(More)
In the flight dynamics model of cannonball and rocket, the resistance coefficient is one of the important model parameters and identification of the resistance coefficient is an important task. A mathematical method of identification the resistance coefficient is given through sensitivity function of ballistic parameters coefficient in this paper. In the(More)
Skillful seasonal predictions of surface temperature and precipitation over land are in particular demand due to their influences on societal factors (such as agriculture, the energy sector and transportation) and ecosystems. Therefore, understanding and predicting future year-to-year of temperature and precipitation is central to NOAA's mission and highly(More)
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