Fanjiang Zeng

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Recently, a wide range of quantitative research on the identification of environmental flow requirements (EFRs) has been conducted. However, little focus is given to EFRs to maintain multiple ecosystem services in oasis areas. The present study quantifies the EFRs in oasis areas of Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, Northwest China on the basis of three ecosystem(More)
Clonal integration in rhizomatous and stoloniferous clonal plants has been studied for many years, but the mechanisms of clonal integration of root-derived plants remain largely unknown. Alhagi sparsifolia is a typical root-derived clonal plant in the extremely dry land of the Taklamakan desert, and it usually cannot reproduce sexually in natural and(More)
Cele Oasis on the southern edge of Tarim Basin was used to investigate the impact of human activity on the soil environment of the oasis–desert ecotone during the oasis expansion process. Since farmland is extending into the oasis–desert ecotone during oasis expansion, reclaimed farmland and control plots within the ecotone were investigated. The variations(More)
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