Fani Gkrozou

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To determine the accuracy of hysteroscopy in diagnosing endometrial cancer, hyperplasia, polyps and submucous myomas. Relevant articles were retrieved from the MEDLINE and the Cochrane Library (1986–2011). Studies were selected blindly. Results for diagnostic accuracy were extracted to form separate 2 × 2 tables (for endometrial cancer, hyperplasia, polyps(More)
In recent years, hysteroscopy, used as an outpatient office procedure, in combination with endometrial biopsy, has demonstrated its great potential as the method of first choice in the diagnosis of various gynecological abnormalities including abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) and endometrial cancer (CA). In patients suffering with AUB, the blood vessels of(More)
OBJECTIVE(S) Hysteroscopy is an effective method for examining the uterine cavity but has some limitations, including the occasional need for cervical dilatation. Misoprostol is routinely used for cervical dilatation in various procedures but has not gained wide acceptance for use before hysteroscopy. STUDY DESIGN This review includes randomized(More)
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