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Estimation of camera pose from image to space feature correspondence is a basic problem in image analysis and understanding. This paper presents a new method for the estimation of camera pose from 2D to 3D corner correspondence. Two cases are considered: the orthogonal corner and the general corner. The contribution of the work is in two folds: one is that(More)
Lens distortion is one of the main factors affecting camera calibration. In this paper, a new model of camera lens distortion is presented, according to which lens distortion is governed by the coefficients of radial distortion and a transform from ideal image plane to real sensing array plane. The transform is determined by two angular parameters(More)
This paper presents a hand-eye robotic model for total knee replacement (TKR) surgery. Unlike existent robot assisted TKR surgery, the proposed model is a surgical robot that combines with a movable hand-eye navigation system, which would use the full potential of both computer-assisted systems. Without using CT images and landmark pins in the patient's(More)