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The goal of the " Emotion in Music " task in MediaEval 2015 is to automatically estimate the emotions expressed by music (in terms of Arousal and Valence) in a time-continuous fashion. In this paper, considering the high context correlation among the music feature sequence, we study several multi-scale approaches at different levels, including acoustic(More)
Dynamic music emotion prediction is to recognize the continuous emotion contained in music, and has various applications. In recent years, dynamic music emotion recognition is widely studied, while the inside structure of the emotion in music remains unclear. We conduct a data observation based on the database provided by Free Music Archive (FMA), and find(More)
Music Dynamic Emotion Prediction is a challenging and significant task. In this paper, We adopt the dimensional valence-arousal (V-A) emotion model to represent the dynamic emotion in music. Considering the high context correlation among the music feature sequence and the advantage of Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory (BLSTM) in capturing sequence(More)
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