Fangzhou Wang

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One of the difficulties with standard route maps is accessing to multi-scale routing information. The user needs to display maps in both a large scale to see details and a small scale to see an overview, but this requires tedious interaction such as zooming in and out. We propose to use a hierarchical structure for a route map, called a "Route Tree", to(More)
Text captions are important means to provide sound information in videos when the sound is not accessible. However, conventional text captions are far less expressive for non-verbal sounds since they are designed to visualize speech sound. To address this problem, we propose a method for automatically transforming non-verbal video sounds to animated sound(More)
Carbon nanotube (CNT) field-effect transistors (CNFETs), as one of the promising candidate emerging technologies, have distinctive device-level characteristics compared to conventional CMOS technology. Logical effort approach, which is an efficient approach for fast delay estimation in CMOS technology, however, is not universally applicable for CNFET-based(More)
To enhance the management of vegetable products quality and safety of Hebei Province, through practical research of vegetable enterprises, based on Web the authors design a quality and safety traceability system of vegetable products to enhance the monitoring of each participant in the production process. Combining the information and technology of the(More)
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