Fangzhou Wang

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One of the difficulties with standard route maps is accessing to multi-scale routing information. The user needs to display maps in both a large scale to see details and a small scale to see an overview, but this requires tedious interaction such as zooming in and out. We propose to use a hierarchical structure for a route map, called a "Route Tree", to(More)
To enhance the management of vegetable products quality and safety of Hebei Province, through practical research of vegetable enterprises, based on Web the authors design a quality and safety traceability system of vegetable products to enhance the monitoring of each participant in the production process. Combining the information and technology of the(More)
Carbon nanotube (CNT) field-effect transistors (CNFETs), as one of the promising candidate emerging technologies, have distinctive device-level characteristics compared to conventional CMOS technology. Logical effort approach, which is an efficient approach for fast delay estimation in CMOS technology, however, is not universally applicable for CNFET-based(More)
Substantial imperfections in carbon nanotube (CNT) field-effect transistors (CNFETs) are one key obstacle to the demonstration of large-scale CNFET circuits. In this paper, we first categorize transistors based on the impact of resizing on yield improvement and delay penalty for logic circuits. Then we propose an approach to size transistors in different(More)
Text captions are important means to provide sound information in videos when the sound is not accessible. However, conventional text captions are far less expressive for non-verbal sounds since they are designed to visualize speech sound. To address this problem, we propose a method for automatically transforming non-verbal video sounds to animated sound(More)
A multiple spherical arrays structure is proposed to provide an alternative design to the traditional single spherical array for the spherical harmonic decomposition, to obtain better localization performance. The new structure consists of several identical spheres in a given area, and the microphones are placed uniformly on each sphere. The spherical(More)
This paper considers the design and analysis of distributed multiple spherical arrays for acoustic source localization. The proposed multiple spherical array structures are based on the spherical harmonic multiple signal classification (MUSIC) algorithm for multiple acoustic sources localization. The new structures consist of several identical spheres with(More)
We develop a new switch-level simulator, CSim, for MOS transistor cells. CSim simulates cells without circuit parameters, such as the sizing of transistors. To tackle the challenges caused by the lack of circuit parameters, a new transistor-level levelization algorithm is developed. SPICE simulator is used as reference simulator, CSim is accurate in a sense(More)