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Data-driven intelligent transportation systems utilize data resources generated within intelligent systems to improve the performance of transportation systems and provide convenient and reliable services. Traffic data refer to datasets generated and collected on moving vehicles and objects. Data visualization is an efficient means to represent(More)
Monitoring a computing cluster requires collecting and understanding log data generated at the core, computer, and cluster levels at run time. Visualizing the log data of a computing cluster is a challenging problem due to the complexity of the underlying dataset: it is streaming, hierarchical, heterogeneous, and multi-sourced. This paper presents an(More)
DataV.js is an open source Javascript library based on D3.js and Rafael.js. It allows people with no programming knowledge to visualize their data freely. It is now applied in some websites such as Ali-pay.com and Taobao Index. I am one of the algorithm designers and the programmers. I designed and implemented some core components, such as the chord and the(More)
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