Fangyuan Nan

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This letter considers the problem of reconstructing total-time responses from noisy data collected by ground-penetrating radar (GPR). The well-known singularity expansion method (SEM) - a theory - for late-time response representation is generalized to <i>establish a matrix model (data matrix)</i> representing total-time responses of radar scattering(More)
Problem Statement: The problem of detection of functional magnetic resonance images (fMRIs), that is, to decide active and nonactive regions of human brain from fMRIs is studied in this paper. fMRI research is finding and will find more and more applications in diagnosing and treating brain diseases like depression and schizophrenia. At its initial stage(More)
Recently an important and interesting nonlinear generalized likelihood ratio (GLR) detector emerged in functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data processing. However, the study of that detector is incomplete: the probability density function (pdf) of the test statistic was draw from numerical simulations without much theoretical support and is(More)
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