Fangyuan Cui

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Gram-negative bacteria use N-acyl homoserine lactones (AHLs) as quorum sensing (QS) signaling molecules for interspecies communication, and AHL-dependent QS is related with virulence factor production in many bacterial pathogens. Quorum quenching, the enzymatic degradation of the signaling molecule, would attenuate virulence rather than kill the pathogens,(More)
Agar, usually extracted from seaweed, has a wide variety of industrial applications due to its gelling and stabilizing characteristics. Agarases are the enzymes which hydrolyze agar into agar oligosaccharides. The produced agar oligosaccharides have been widely used in cosmetic, food, and medical fields due to their biological functions. A beta-agarase(More)
Genome sequencing of Catenovulum agarivorans YM01T reveals 15 open-reading frames (ORFs) encoding various agarases. In this study, extracellular proteins of YM01T were precipitated by ammonium sulfate and separated by one-dimensional gel electrophoresis. The results of in-gel agarase activity assay and mass spectrometry analysis revealed that the protein,(More)
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