Fangyu Xiong

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Recently, layered transition-metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) have gained great attention for their analogous graphite structure and high theoretical capacity. However, it has suffered from rapid capacity fading. Herein, we present the crumpled reduced graphene oxide (RGO) decorated MoS2 nanoflowers on carbon fiber cloth. The three-dimensional framework of(More)
Electrochemical energy storage technology is of critical importance for portable electronics, transportation and large-scale energy storage systems. There is a growing demand for energy storage devices with high energy and high power densities, long-term stability, safety and low cost. To achieve these requirements, novel design structures and high(More)
Magnesium-based batteries have received much attention as promising candidates to next-generation batteries because of high volumetric capacity, low price, and dendrite-free property of Mg metal. Herein, we reported H2V3O8 nanowire cathode with excellent electrochemical property in magnesium-based batteries. First, it shows a satisfactory magnesium storage(More)
The hybrid magnesium-lithium-ion batteries (MLIBs) combining the dendrite-free deposition of the Mg anode and the fast Li intercalation cathode are better alternatives to Li-ion batteries (LIBs) in large-scale power storage systems. In this article, we reported hybrid MLIBs assembled with the VO2 cathode, dendrite-free Mg anode, and the Mg-Li dual-salt(More)
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