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Operation of professional software requires the operator mastering knowledge of profession and experiences. In order to reduce the requirements to users, the software interface needs a better human-computer interactive interface. After surveying on the process of interface design of software, evaluation index and common evaluation methods, we design a(More)
This paper put forward a framework of computer aided design system of customized insoles. We build a three dimensional model of the foot and insoles via scanning technology. Biomedical parameters were got by pressure distribution system Xsensor and gait analysis system Footscan. Then we get the boundary conditions of customized foot and insoles. The results(More)
Scooter is a small toy which is driven by users' feet. It's popular among children at different ages. We should take human factors into account during design process. The sizes of scooter must adapt to those of a certain age group of children. In this paper we put forward a methodology on structure design based on human factors, then we build a three(More)
During the developing of auto industry, research on driving posture comfort has been the hot pursue in computer aided auto ergonomics design (CAAED) realm, and static driving comfort angle is the kernel point of the whole problem. Traditional static comfort assessment only built models from auto driving space to comfort result. To converse it is difficult(More)
In this paper a multi-agent based simulation and optimization framework was put forward to solve the aleatory and epistemic uncertainty in engineering design. Agent structures were designed to extract engineering knowledge from experiments and simulation and to communicate an internal message and domain engineering knowledge base. The framework can deal(More)
  • Fangyu Li
  • 2010 IEEE 11th International Conference on…
  • 2010
Humanization is an important factor to make product competitive in modern fierce market. This paper analyzed the traditional design process and summarized elements in humanized product design, including function, modeling, color, material and interface. As a study case, a survey on induction cooker task requirement was designed to investigate users' demand,(More)
With the development of modern fitness, people pay more attention to customized sport fitness. This paper puts forward a service oriented fitness framework based on multi agent technology. Firstly, a service strategy for fitness was constructed through portals. Fitness resource nodes were distributed and organized in an internet or intranet. Secondly, with(More)
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